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The Knowledge Hub provides a central collection of information and news relating to disaster resilience and  emergency management.  Across the website you will find statistics and information, photos, video and media about past disaster events and the ability to search the catalogue of the Emergency Management Library.

During 2016, the Knowledge Hub will be undergoing a refresh, and will include new information, including links to the Australian Journal of Emergency Management and the national collection of disaster resilience and emergency management doctrine. 

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The Knowledge Hub has been developed with the ongoing support of many organisations.

We welcome all contributions and feedback from the disaster resilience and emergency management sectors via the Contact Us page.


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Historical disaster information can be searched by disaster type, location, number of injuries, number of fatalities, insurance cost and date. You can also search for a specific event using the free text field and search for all events within a date range.

Data overlays on the map will provide additional information for events e.g. rainfall, temperature, the number of dwellings and population.

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